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Our firm was founded in 1979 from Benedetto marcato and two employees: we focused primarly in heels polishing. Today we manage three business Units and have 20 employees after stopping polishing and starting our own heels production.

Our main goal is quality. We use only premium leather from the best Tuscan tunneries for our products

Creativity, hand-made production, quality, prompt distribution help our many clients to build fashionable and robust shoes, worldwide.

In 1989 we have founded the Masonite Unit. This hi-tech unit offers a great support to our handcraft workers who create innovative and "human feel" products.

In 1998 we opened the moulding unit where we produce plastc - abs - leather moulded heels .

Services to our clients are one of our best qualities: we offer fashion design, stamping, moulding at honnest price.

Via Torre, 3 - 35020 - Correzzola (PD) - Italy - Tel.: 0495853164 - Fax - 0495853280